Zillidy Secure Loans

Everyone can benefit from a Zillidy Loan

Zillidy’s simple, quick and discreet process and loan structure make it an ideal choice for anyone needing short term cash for any reason. When you’re asset rich and cash strapped, Zillidy can help. There are a zillion situations where Zillidy’s loans can benefit you.

Some examples include:



  • Dream family vacations
  • Weddings and honeymoons
  • Life celebrations (Christening parties, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, birthday parties)
  • Christmas gift buying and other holiday preparations
  • Back to school expenses
  • Tax season
  • Immediate liquidity to capitalize on investment opportunities
  • Utilize our storage in a fully insured, secure facility during extended vacations or snowbird living
  • Car repairs, home repairs or family medical emergencies
  • Large purchases (appliances, cars, home down payments)
  • Bridge cash flow needs between jobs
  • Even out lumpy payments (perhaps you get a large bonus at year end and want to use that money now or only get paid at certain times of the year)
  • More about Individual Loans




Small Business Owners

  • Fill a purchase order
  • Working capital needs (payroll, rent, operating expenses, supplier payments)
  • Smooth out lumpy payment cycle
  • Seasonal business
  • Take advantage of supplier bulk discounts or early payment discount
  • Capitalize on seasonal purchase discounts (buy off-season or off-cycle to get huge discounts)
  • Use as a bridge while establishing an accounts receivable factoring facility or waiting to finalize a bank credit line
  • Attend trade shows or other industry events
  • More about Business Loans


Anyone, anytime, anywhere


There are so many ways to benefit from a loan from Zillidy. Start today and get the most out of your assets.