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  • “Pawn” is No Longer a Dirty Word by Steven Uster at Profit Guide
    “The oldest form of lending is making a comeback as business owners turn to creative financing solutions”
  • Alternative financing growth driven by need for loans by Brenda Bouw at The Globe and Mail
    “Steven Uster didn’t set out to start an alternative financing company. When he was looking to buy a business in Canada, the former New York investment banker saw an opportunity to serve small firms having trouble getting loans.”

  • Crowdfunding, loans, and leasing: Zillidy’s Steven Uster on 5 non-traditional funding sources for small business by Steven Uster at The Toronto Star
    “The entrepreneurial dream is easily thwarted by the realities of financial limitations. Often times traditional funding sources — banks, credit cards, or friends and family — are not viable options.”
  • Online Hiring Tools Are Changing Recruiting Techniques by Mark Cohen at The New York Times
    “It can seem improbable given the still-sluggish monthly unemployment reports, but in some sectors small businesses are desperate to find qualified candidates to fill jobs.”
  • Rich and Uncreditworthy by Angelina Chapin at Canadian Business Magazine
    “For Steven Uster, pawning does not happen in rundown buildings with flickering fluorescent signs. It happens on a website where most of his clients are entrepreneurs and the average loan size is $10,000.”
  • The Next Big Thing in Funding Innovation by Steven Uster at The Huffington Post
    “Once upon a time there was a financial sector. And, there was a technology sector. The financial sector was the place burgeoning tech ideas went to get the money needed to make their innovative and entrepreneurial ideas a reality.”
  • Bring an item to Zillidy before selling it at a yard sale – interview with Steven Uster on 680 News.
  • Don’t Sell a $2.2 million Chinese Bowl for $3 – check out Steven Uster’s article and interview on Newstalk 1010.
  • How LinkedIn Helped My Business by Steven Uster at The Huffington Post
    “Everyone said I had to use LinkedIn when I was working to launch Zillidy. While no one was specific as to how exactly I should use it to my advantage, my experience has, as they say, made me a believer.”
  • Is Now Really a “Great” Time to Take on Debt? by Steven Uster at The Huffington Post
    “BMO’s recent decision to lower its mortgage rates and potentially trigger yet another mortgage price war among Canadian banks led to Finance Minister Jim Flaherty cautioning banks not to engage in a “race to the bottom” with rates.”
  • Asset-Based Loans: Not Your Father’s Pawn Shop by David Rosenbaum at CFO Magazine
    “With credit still tight, small-business people look to leverage their assets to obtain start-up and operating cash.”
  • The Cost of Borrowing From a Bank by Steven Uster at The Huffington Post
    “The competition continues to intensify between Canadian bank and non-bank lenders to carve out their share of the $18.4-billion market for small-business loans of up to $250,000.”
  • The Rise of Online Pawn Shops by Steven Uster at The Huffington Post
    “In recent years we’ve seen the growth of two market realities that have now come together to create one new and fast growing industry. “
  • Online pawnshop: Quick cash, high rates by Ellen Roseman at The Toronto Star
    “Chris became a stockbroker two years ago. Without only commissions to rely on, he finds his income sometimes comes up short.” 
  • Startup Roundup: $10M for Atlantic Canada venture fund, YYoga gets an app and Zillidy the online pawnbroker by Christine Dobby at The Financial Post
    “In FP Tech Desk’s Startup Roundup series, we take a look at Canadian startup news from the past week.”
  • Zillidy: An unusual way to earn extra Christmas cash by Andrew Seale at The Toronto Star
    “For small businesses, the holiday season requires a surplus of stamina and, in many cases, extra capital to keep up with heightened demands for products and services.”
  • Zillidy Offers New Way to Gain Quick Cash by Renee Sylvestre-Williams at Wallet Pop
    “There are options when it comes to getting extra cash. You can get a bank loan, take out a line of credit, leverage your equity in property, max out your credit card, sell or even pawn some of your items. “