Client Case Studies

Here are just some examples of Zillidy clients. Do any of these situations apply to you?

Retail Store
• Retail store wanted to stock up on inventory and hire more seasonal workers to meet the peak demand season

• Restaurant wanted to hire more staff and buy more ingredients in anticipation of increased volume for the holidays

• Restaurant owner was selling his restaurant and needs cash now to pay expenses prior to the sale closing

• New franchise owner needed to bridge his initial franchise fee

• Jewellery store owner wanted to buy new inventory and used older inventory as collateral

Small Business
• Catering company with several large parties around the same time period needed to buy supplies and hire staff

• Antique dealer had an opportunity to purchase an art collection from an estate sale and sell it to existing clients and used loose diamonds and diamond jewellery from his store as collateral

• Entrepreneur launched a new business and needed to buy equipment and pay initial rent expenses before getting new customers

• Independent contractor secured a large engineering contract but needed to purchase supplies and pay subcontractors before he got paid for the project  

• Franchise owner who wanted to open additional franchise stores and needed to fund construction costs

Real Estate
• Real estate broker wanted to get the cash today from commissions from future real estate closings

• Client bought a new house but his bank changed his mortgage terms before closing so he needed to increase his equity contribution

• Client sold his house and wanted to pay off bills before he received the funds from the deal closing

• Client was looking to buy an investment property and needed cash to pay initial legal costs and environmental assessments

Life Events
• Client consolidated all her high interest, credit score damaging payday loans into one stress-free loan

• Client needed a bridge loan until her school loans were processed

• Client was getting married and wanted to throw a large, elaborate wedding

• Client wanted to landscape the front yard of her house and needed some extra cash

• Client needed cash immediately to pay her divorce lawyer

• Client was going on an extended vacation and didn’t want to leave her jewellery in her house and wanted the full security and insurance that Zillidy offered