Why Zillidy

Growing businessThere are a lot of financing options available for personal loans and small business loans (although frankly not enough high quality, respectable offerings in Canada yet). Many of them are flat out not appealing and many others sound attractive on the surface but turn into nightmares as the application process proceeds or the loan agreement is reviewed.

We think Zillidy is different than all other options available in the Canadian bank and non-bank collateral loan marketplace. Why? Well, it is difficult to put into writing, and sounds self-serving when we do. Our clients believe we are. They tell us all the time how happy they are to have finally found an option that works for them.

Here are 3 key aspects of Zillidy that we believe make us different. You decide if being different means being better:

Finance Background

Consciously or unconsciously everyone brings to the table the lessons from their past.

Our background is not in collateral loans. No one at Zillidy came from a hard money lending background or a pawn shop. You won’t hear a story at Zillidy about how we operated a bunch of pawn shops and decided to bring the pawn shop business online because that’s not who we are and it’s not what we want to be.

Zillidy’s background comes from Wall Street advising Fortune 50 CEOs on mergers, acquisitions, strategy and financing. We offer the same level of client service and respect demanded by large public company executives to everyone who Zillidy touches. We constantly surprise our clients with the level of service and respect we offer everyone who enters our doors (virtually of course, since we are an online business) because, according to many Zillidy clients, before Zillidy existed there wasn’t a lender that they knew of that treated them as well as we do.

Long Term Focused

Many times short term loans tend to be one-off, small transactions. Because of that, lenders often think only about how they can get the best deal now to make the most money immediately and don’t work with potential clients to understand what the client needs or wants.

Our goal is to literally change the way Canadians think about borrowing money and to open their eyes to the potential of using personal assets to fund their needs without impacting their credit.

This is bold and ambitious (some have even said it is crazy and impossible – we politely beg to differ). We are not satisfied being a niche player in a small corner of a larger industry. We want to build a hugely successful long term sustainable business. We do that by not focusing on the short term and always looking beyond the horizon. We want every client, big or small, to think of using their personal assets as a line of credit, not once but every time they need to so that they never hurt their credit score and always have quick access to the cash they need.

True Financial Partner

We do not have a highest value or lowest rate guarantee. Others may offer to match or beat any loan amount or interest rate but ask yourself why they would need to have such a policy. Why not simply put your best foot forward and not play games or use gimmicks? If you’re simply looking for the highest loan amount today, we may not be the right partner for you. We are very diligent in determining the loan amount we can prudently offer. Since we only make money from the interest we charge on the loan we are motivated to offer as much as we safely can as a loan value.

We have helped many clients out of stressful and difficult situations because of our focus on being their financial partner. We commit to clients that we will be there when they need us, through good and bad. If you’re looking for a financial partner who doesn’t play tough, who understands that sometimes glitches happen and interest payments get missed, who genuinely wants you to succeed, then Zillidy is definitely the right partner for you.

The service Zillidy offers is simple and straightforward. We hope it is right for your needs. Reach out and ask us. If it’s not, we’ll try to help you find what you’re looking for.