Security & Trust

Security Comes First

From the moment your cherished luxury asset leaves your hands until the moment you get it back, we promise to ensure its safety and security. That is the Zillidy Security Pledge.

Message from founder

Secure from beginning to end

Security and trust start from the very beginning of your interaction with Zillidy.

  • We encrypt all personal information transmitted through our website with the best encryption technology readily available.
  • We encourage you to research who we are and what we are about, especially who our founder Steven Uster is and his background.
  • We do not take your personal bank account information. We use Versapay, a well known payment processor, to handle all direct debits and credits into your account so you never have to share your personal banking information with Zillidy.
  • Call us anytime with questions or comments. We will always answer or immediately return your call.

Your asset is secure at all times

Your asset will be treated with the strictest of security and safety in mind always (some of our security measures are so confidential that we won’t even publicize them).

  • Your asset will be monitored from the moment it arrives in our office.
  • It will be stored in a fully secure, fire proof vault that has 24 hour surveillance systems and monitoring.
  • It will only be handled by trained and certified appraisers and/or certified gemologists.
  • It is fully insured, both while in transit (to and from our headquarters) and while in our possession.
  • If at any time you want to view your asset while it is in our possession throughout the term of your loan, we can arrange for a webcam conference to view it live.