The Zillidy Difference

See how Zillidy compares to getting a loan from a bank, pawn shop or using credit cards.


Zillidy Loan

Bank Loan

Pawn Shop Loan

Credit Cards

Max Loan Size $500,000 Unlimited Typically ~ $1,500 Personal Credit Limit
Loan to Value 50-75% N/A 10-20% N/A
Interest Rate As low as 1.5%/month (18.0% APR) <10%/year Up to 10%/month (120%+ APR) 21-28% APR
Hidden Fees None Processing fee, facility fee, maintenance fee, legal fees Storage fee, insurance fee 3% of balance as minimum monthly fee
Process Timing 24-48 hours Many weeks to months Instant As needed
Required Paperwork Simple online loan agreement Proof of income, tax returns, financial statements, employment history, credit report Pawn agreement, driver’s license N/A
Lender’s Actions upon Default No action Annoying collection agency calls, reported to credit agencies and impacts credit worthiness, likely never able to borrow again No action Reported on credit report, negatively impacts credit score, collections calls at all hours, negatively impacts ability to get a mortgage or future loan
Ease of Process Comfort of your own home or business, 24 hours a day or in our office Long, drawn out, very invasive, bureaucratic Stressful, uncomfortable, need to carry goods into store Simple
Discreet? 100% discretion guaranteed References, credit checks, background checks, ect. Retail store in busy (sometimes sketchy) neighbourhood Debt ratios appear on credit report, collections calls at home and work, credit score always impacted

Let Zillidy help you unlock the value of your luxury assets by using them to secure a loan quickly.