Canadian Armed Forces Loans

Zillidy Wants to Thank You

Thank you for your service and sacrifice for our great country. Zillidy would like to honour your service and patriotism in the best way we know how. With free money!

We recognize that military families face unique challenges, either while on duty abroad or upon return to Canada as you seek to integrate into the workforce. Sometimes you just need a short term bridge loan until you are able to secure a more permanent cash flow source. We will help you with that bridge.

Canadian Armed Forces members are entitled to use their personal assets as security for an interest free 3 month loan through Zillidy.

How it Works

How does the Canadian Armed Forces interest free loan program work?

  • Zillidy will waive all interest payments for the life of a 3 month loan.
  • At the end of the initial loan period (3 months), if the loan is renewed you will be required to pay Zillidy’s standard low interest for the new loan period going forward. If the loan is re-paid at the end of the loan period, we’ll ship your assets back to you and you’ll have enjoyed a small gift from us – free money!
  • This offer can be applied to any personal asset once. This means you can use as many assets as you want to secure an interest free loan, you just can’t use the same asset more than one time.
  • Loan amounts are at the sole discretion of Zillidy
  • Valid ID is required to prove your membership in the Canadian Armed Forces community
  • This offer is open to current or veteran members of the Canadian Armed Forces and their immediate family members.