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A New Approach to Financing Your Business: A Personal Asset Loan.

It’s different and unconventional but it’s getting a lot of buzz as a creative financing solution.

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Zillidy bases its loans on the value of the personal asset used as collateral, not on your credit score or financial history. We make loans using the following as collateral:

  • Precious Metals
  • Diamonds
  • Jewelry
  • Luxury Watches

Don’t have any of the assets listed above? Does your company have Accounts Receivable from strong customers? If so, we can provide your business funding through Eldridge Capital


Watch How Zillidy Works For Business Owners

If your wealth is tied up in assets but you need cash today for your business, Zillidy could be the right solution for you.

With Zillidy, you can unlock the value of your personal assets to meet your business cash flow requirements.

Similar to using your home as collateral using a home equity line of credit, you can now tap the equity in your personal assets by borrowing against your luxury jewelry, gemstones, precious metals, diamonds, luxury watches and gold.

But unlike a line of credit, you never have to worry about your personal or business credit being impacted or deal with the bank’s intrusive diligence process.

Capitalize on an immediate investment opportunity, purchase new machinery, restock your inventory or hire additional employees quickly with a Zillidy loan.

What our clients say:

“This is a really great service and offers such flexibility for whatever “zillion” reasons one is looking for liquidity. This was the most straightforward transaction I have been involved with. I will sure give Zillidy as a reference to anyone with assets who are short on cash.”
Leslie ($7,500 loan against diamond ring)

“It was the easiest thing I ever did. I didn’t need to liquidate the diamonds. I didn’t have to transfer ownership. It was just a loan using the diamonds as collateral.”
Ian (Toronto) $80,000 loan

“I have recommended you to friends of mine. I am so glad I found you first as I feel so comfortable with you holding my items. I wouldn’t trust anyone else to do that.”
Gail (Halifax) $5,000 loan

“You have really made this process amazingly simple! Thanks.”
Marc ($40,000 loan against Rolex, Breitling and Cartier watches)

 Applying for a Zillidy loan is quick and easy. Here’s How It Works.

Join many other Canadian business owners who have used Zillidy to fund their business:

  • Ian borrowed $80,000 to fund the expansion of his retail franchise territory using diamond jewelry as collateral.
  • Naftali borrowed $28,500 to fund the establishment of a new medical procedure clinic using loose diamonds as collateral.
  • Marc borrowed $40,000 to fund the purchase of several investment condos and payment of real estate closing costs using luxury watches as collateral
  • Fardeen borrowed $4,300 to fund the purchase of a new truck for his transportation company using silver and gold jewelry as collateral
  • Chris borrowed $4,000 to fund marketing and client outreach activities for his stock brokerage company using an assortment of jewelry and watches as collateral

How can Zillidy help? We’re here to help when:


  • You’re starting a business or buying a franchise and need capital to launch
  • There’s an opportunity to take your business to the next level but you need to move quickly
  • You want to leverage the value of existing inventory to buy new or fresh products
  • You need new equipment to grow your business
  • You get a large purchase order and need to buy supplies
  • You run a seasonal business, and have to bridge the cash flow ebs and peaks, or buy inventory in off-season

Why use Zillidy instead of a bank loan?

  • Zillidy is not meant to replace a bank. A bank doesn’t move quickly enough for our entrepreneur clients who need capital immediately to take advantage of a profitable business opportunity.
  • With a bank, a business needs three years of financial statements and sufficient equity. With Zillidy, you can get a loan anytime.
  • When your business already has a bank loan facility, Zillidy can act as a bulge facility when you’re at your loan limit and the bank won’t lend you more
  • Zillidy doesn’t require an intrusive, prolonged diligence process, or background and credit checks.

Why use Zillidy instead of credit cards?

  • Many small business owners use credit cards to fund working capital shortfalls or quick cash flow requirements. This may be a quick fix but it’s expensive and damaging to keep a credit card balance.
  • Using credit cards impacts your credit record.
  • For long periods of time into the future, anyone doing a credit check will see your debt ratio is high and your credit availability low. This will make it difficult for your business to get the bank financing it needs to grow, jeopardize your ability to attract investors, and impact your personal credit and ability to get a mortgage.
  • Zillidy’s monthly interest payments are equivalent to credit card monthly minimum payments.
  • With Zillidy, your credit is never impacted.
  • For longer term loans, Zillidy is cheaper than carrying a balance on your credit card. For rates, click here.