The 10 Ultimate Entrepreneur Resolutions

2015 is at your doorstep and you’ve got to welcome it knowing where you’re headed! There’s a reason people like to start the year with a nice list. To-do lists are one of the top ways to focus, set goals, and inspire productivity and creativity. This is why, aside from the Christmas lists, you need to focus on your resolutions, both personal and professional. This is particularly true for entrepreneurs, for whom focus and goals can be the difference between success and failure. So here are the top 10 ultimate entrepreneur resolutions for getting your year started knowing exactly what you’re aiming for and where you’d like to be in 12 months!

1. Promote Your Business Regularly and Consistently

Creative ideas and good promotion are what captures the interest of your target audience. Make sure you explore the variety of ways to promote your business and don’t give up once you’ve managed to make an impact or even if you’ve failed. Embrace all channels and use cross-promotion regularly to build customer interest and keep it. Most importantly keep in mind some promotional opportunities are extremely cost-effective in case money is a big hurdle here.

2. Finance Your Expansion

Apart from sustaining your business, it’s highly important to consider whether you’re looking to hire more staff to take some pressure off yourself, acquire new technology, or offer new products and services in the coming year. One way to check off this New Year resolution quickly and effortlessly is with the business loans offered by Zillidy. Using personal assets as collateral is the perfect way to secure a loan which will cover the cost of your expansion.

3. Learn Something New

Self-development is something no one should ever neglect. Learning how to code or how to advertise your business better are just a few of the important skills you can master to take your startup to the next level. Depending on how you choose to learn — online tutorials, books, attending classes, or conferences — there are ways to combine learning with meeting new clients, getting customer insight, and networking.

4. Join or Organize a Networking Group

Building a strong portfolio of clients and businesses which can help you cross-promote should be one of your top priorities for 2015. Networking will not only give you a good market comparison but will provide enough feedback to help you refine your ideas and modify them until they’re bulletproof. Take the initiative and organize a networking group involving other local businesses and discuss how you can work together to make a positive impact on the area where you operate.

5. Drop the Dead Weight

It’s time to let go of anything that is not working. Just don’t make the mistake of confusing this with giving up! Letting go is about replacing the dead weight, whether it’s an idea that’s not working at the moment or an ineffective team member. You need to move forward by figuring out what’s working and what’s not going right within your startup. Whatever changes need to be made, make sure you learn from both the good and the bad!

6. Embrace the Digital — Use Apps Which Will Make Your Life Easier

Being a successful entrepreneur, you need to know how to be efficient. A lot of applications developed in the past years help save time and enhance productivity. Your smartphone can and should become your startup’s best friend! It will provide the needed support through all the operational procedures, connect you to social media and your clients, as well as save time, so you can prioritize better. Make sure you select the right apps for this. Even better, a lot of them are free.

7. Start Using Social Media More

Being the perfect medium to get feedback, advertise, promote, and network, Social Media is embraced by both large-scale companies and startups. For the past years social media has changed how we live in such a way that now more than ever you need to make sure you and your business are represented appropriately and actively. Harvest the benefits of social media. Because if your grandparents’re using it, you’ve got no excuses!

8. Manage Time Better — Try to Fit More “Me and My Loved Ones” In

A regret many entrepreneurs have is getting completely immersed in the business side of life without leaving much time to rest, recharge, and enjoy life. Make sure this is the year you find how to balance the work load and leave enough time to share special moments with the people you love the most. Remind yourself to never take good people and things for granted.

9. Change the Way You See the World and Seek Inspiration

This will probably be one of the most abstract things on your list. Why would you want to change your mindset or seek inspiration? You’ve got more important things to do, right? Put simply, doing whatever makes you happy and inspires you is the perfect way to charge yourself with positive energy. Your newly found attitude will help you see your business with new eyes and find solutions to problems you might never have thought possible, plus being inspired is contagious; sooner or later you will sense the difference within your team, too!

10.  Don’t Stray From Your Promises!

Whether you said you are going to spend some quality time with your closest friends or you told your kids you will attend their game or just play with them, make sure you keep your promises. A successful person performs well both in their personal and professional life.

Last but not least, once you make your personal resolution list, stick to it, consider it a promise to yourself to be successful in the coming year!

Which of these 10 entrepreneur resolutions will make your 2015 list? Let us know in the comment section below!

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