8 Inspirational YouTube Channels for Small Business Owners

Learn Faster: 8 Popular YouTube Channels for Small Business Owners

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There’s a reason why YouTube works so well for famous entrepreneurs who share their knowledge with startup companies. A 3M-sponsored study shows us that visuals are processed 60,000X faster than text, which means small business owners can learn faster & grow their own companies more quickly by using video content alongside other learning tools.

Whether you’re looking for information about online business opportunities, how to keep motivated, or to learn from other Canadian startups, checking out the most popular YouTube channels with educational videos for entrepreneurs can make a real difference to your growing business.

From niche subject areas like SEO to more general advice about time management, dive in right here:

Fabienne Fredrickson: 3,500 Followers

Fredrickson posts videos that boost your confidence. She talks about the importance of a positive mindset for small business owners and startups that hope to succeed. In this video, identify and laugh at some of the most common reasons why new business ideas don’t even get off the ground:

Mindvalley Insights: 13,561 Followers

Mindvalley shares learning videos that help business people understand recent shifts in the marketing of websites and how to connect with your audience. They offer practical insight about raising capital and growing your business, like this advice on achieving predictable growth for your company:

Derek Halpern: 38,127 Followers

Halpern takes a more comical approach to enhancing your entrepreneurial skills. His videos grab your attention, but have a serious message. Here he talks about the importance of saying “No” if you want your business to grow:

Lisa Irby: 74,325 Followers

Irby is an honest communicator with a relaxed approach to exchanging information with her YouTube followers. Whether you’re a city financier or a small business accountant, she tells business owners not to sell themselves short and to appreciate their value:

Google+ Your Business: 127,745 Followers

As you already know, Google is far removed from the startup days and taking out business loans to keep the venture going. Their webinars are about global business models and technology, but their interest in consumer behavior is something any business person can learn from, whatever their level. Here they take a look at the explosion of mobile and talk about why you need to take it seriously:

Stanford Graduate School of Business: 156,094 Followers

As you’d expect, this channel is classroom-oriented using traditional teaching methods to present ideas for business. Here’s an example of their teaching methods — a video with expert advice on how to be a more effective communicator:

Marie Forleo: 180,853 Followers

Forleo’s YouTube channel is Marie TV. It might be glamorous, but she still manages a close connection for viewers watching at home from their sofa. Her goal is to help individuals realize their full potential and create a business that brings them happiness. Here she talks about her own experience with self-sabotage and fear of leaving the comfort zone:

TEDTalks: 3,484,269 Followers

Whatever you want to be inspired by, there’s a TEDTalk for you. One of the biggest and most popular resources for information from the most “trusted voices and convention-breaking mavericks, icons and geniuses” in the world, there is a whole host of material about running a successful business and being a good leader. Bill Gross looks at the trends behind successful and unsuccessful startups:

Gross says: “If you take a group of people with the right equity incentives and organize them in a startup, you can unlock human potential in a way never before possible.”

Check out the Top 3 Inspiring Legal Startups in Canada and let us know if you agree that they’re doing things the right away. Plus, take a page out for your own business, and steal their good ideas for your own entrepreneurial venture.

The Real Reason US Startups Are Expanding to Canada

The Real Reason US Startups Are Expanding to Canada

A lot of US startups are making the jump to Canada to truly take their businesses to the next level. When you run a business the only thing limiting your growth is opportunity, and Toronto is slowly becoming the next Silicon Valley, signifying its character as a hotbed of innovation where new US startups can thrive.

In fact, Toronto currently has over 600 tech companies. And it’s not just Toronto — companies all over Canada are seeing rounds of funding and new companies springing up like never before. This can be incredibly valuable for business owners like you who are looking to expand.

If you’re running your own startup, you need to be on the lookout for what’s best for your business and your bottom line. The Canadian business market is growing into the premier startup and business ecosystem for new businesses, and might just be your best fit.

Benefits for Starting or Expanding a Business Canada

If you’re a small business owner in the US, or are looking for a new market to dive into, then Canada should be the first place you look.

We know expanding into Canada is a big step and might seem overwhelming. However, the benefits are clearly in your favor:

1. Diversifying Your Revenue

Since the Canadian market is up and coming compared to other more mature marketplaces the barriers to entry are much lower. In some cases, the market you do business in may not even exist yet.

By opening up a branch, or new business in Canada you open up your business to new revenue sources and untapped markets.

2. Economic Growth

The tech and startup market within Canada is exploding. More startups than ever before are getting funded, as well as medium to large companies. The economy in Canada has also been steadily on the rise since 2003.

There are multitudes of other funding options available including: no credit check business loans, short-term loans in Toronto, and other styles of business loans. This makes it easy to expand your new business even if funds are tight.

3. Stay on the Leading Edge

As the marketplace becomes increasingly globalized, it’s harder to keep your business on the cutting edge. However, innovation is crucial to remain a leader in your field. One way to consistently uncover new opportunities is to expand into new territories, and take advantage of a growing marketplace.

Remember, even if you need funds to grow your business, you can make use of no credit check business or personal loans available in Canada. Don’t let lack of funding stop you from achieving your business goals.

US Tech Companies Are Currently Thriving In Canada

TUS Tech Companies Are Currently Thriving In Canada

A lot of US tech startups are currently heading north to uncover new opportunities and take their pick of new markets. It used to be you needed to head to Silicon Valley if you had dreams of scaling your company or being acquired, but now a lot of companies built in the US are looking in the opposite direction.

Even large technology companies including Facebook, Amazon, and Twitter all have offices that span across Canada. Most of these companies chose to expand to Canada due to its engineering talent, thriving technology scene, and lower operating costs.

Plus, these tech giants have injected a slew of seasoned veterans into the Canadian business market. Which can be only good news for those looking to join a new startup or carry out their own startup business plan.

If you’re one of many startup or small business owners currently looking to take your company to the next level then Canada is the place to be.

What Makes Canada a Good Place to Start a Business?

Canada has seen a few new business initiatives that have really allowed both online and offline business opportunities to blossom. The Canadian government has really done its part to create a friendly business environment.

For instance, it has removed a section of the tax code, which enables U.S. investors to support Canadian companies much more easily. The tax credits and refunds that are entirely unique to Canada also make it much easier to start and maintain a business in the location. Less overhead means more funding for other areas of your business.

Another benefit is that if you’re in need of business financing or private lenders for personal loans, you’ll find them much more prevalent in the Canadian market.

Top Canadian Startups That Are Killing It

There are a ton of Canadian startups that have seen a lot of success with raising capital. The companies are literally too numerous to mention, so we’ve decided to highlight a few below.

1. Wattpad

The key to Wattpad’s success was drawing upon the pool of talented engineers and artists available in Canada. They’ve managed to build a steadily growing platform that allows users to discover and share stories.

2. Kik

Kik has over 200 million users and has received over $70 million in funding. Kik allows users to connect one-on-one over their mobile devices and has seen steady growth since their launch.

3. Whirlscape Inc.

Whirlscape Inc. grew out of the Toronto startup scene, and provides a minimal keyboard to those using touch-screen devices. Their keyboard, Minuum, is also primed for up and coming markets like Google Glass.

Even if you’re running a US startup, you could easily join this list by expanding to Canada and taking advantage of the funding, talent, and growth opportunities which await you in Toronto, Vancouver, and other metropolises.

Inspiration for Canadian Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners in the US

Inspiration for Canadian Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners in the US

Whether you’re looking to pick up new entrepreneurial skills, network with famous entrepreneurs, or uncover new business ideas, you’ll find that Canada has a plethora of opportunity available.

The technology sector and small business marketplace is growing, and will continue to thrive for years to come. This is great news for those who are looking to grow their business well into the future.

Opportunities like this don’t come along every day. When new markets arise, it’s always a good idea to hop onboard to edge out your competitors. The Canadian business environment offers everything you need for your business to succeed. It’s time to make the jump.

At Zillidy we specialize in helping you secure the funding that you and your business deserve.

Have any questions about business funding in Canada? Post in the comments below and one of our experts will reply shortly. In the meantime, read more about why Toronto provides the best startup climate in Canada.

Cartier Engagement Rings: Invest in Your Future

Image courtesy of Cartier

An engagement ring is a symbol of love and commitment that will be worn for a lifetime. This one piece of diamond jewelry holds so much significance that it’s no wonder many women dream of wearing a designer Cartier ring.

If you’re already engaged or married, or might become soon, you might find it good to know that a Cartier ring is not only beautiful, but also an investment in your future. Whether you’re now choosing an engagement ring or already possess one, know that Cartier is the best of the best.

So for those for you looking to visit Cartier Boutique, one of the best jewelry stores in Toronto, here’s what you should consider beforehand.

Cartier Jewelry: A Brand Like No Other

With its longstanding reputation for exceptional quality and striking designs, Cartier jewelry is in a class of its own. This French jewelry brand not only represents luxury and style, but is also the epitome of charm, romance, and sentiment.

Every diamond is meticulously selected and closely examined for symmetry and brilliance, ensuring each stone will make a perfect ring. And Cartier jewelers guarantee each ring is always viewed at its best by making sure the diamond setting looks just as breathtaking upside down as it is when worn. Cartier takes customer service and product care to a remarkable level that’s difficult to find elsewhere!

Over 600 different rings are available and each one is designed with a combination of modern and traditional elements, giving every ring a distinct look. Cartier also offers a “Set for You” service, an experience that allows you to create your very own customized ring. There truly is a ring for everyone.

Adorning Celebrities for Decades

 Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban

Disney / Flickr / CC BY-ND

Cartier boasts an impressive clientele, including some of the most beautiful and famous women of our time:

  • Prince Rainier III proposed to Grace Kelly in 1956 with a beautiful Cartier diamond engagement ring, which she famously wore in High Society, her final screen performance before becoming a princess.
  • Elizabeth Taylor wore an incredible pear-shaped 69.42 carat Cartier diamond ring that she received from Richard Burton when he proposed in 1969. She later used the diamond to create a stunning necklace.
  • More recently, Nicole Kidman’s engagement ring from Keith Urban is a classy Cartier ring charmingly wrapped in diamonds.

As a popular choice among celebrities, as well as many other women with the most exquisite tastes and preferences, Cartier engagement rings are undoubtedly among the best in exclusive design and elegant quality.

How to Pick the Right Ring for You

Whether you already have your ideal engagement ring in mind, or don’t know where to start, it’s helpful to determine what your specific ring style is. Engagement rings are a reflection of a woman’s personality so it’s important to find the one that’s just right for you. By taking the time to do so, you’ll have a ring you adore and will happily wear forever.

Below are a few style preferences and suggested ring styles.

  • Are you a minimalist that loves simplicity and prefers a classic look? A diamond solitaire engagement ring with a princess or round cut, may be perfect for you. A prong setting is timeless, especially when showcasing a dazzling diamond.
  • If you favor unique style and authenticity, look for a vintage-inspired ring and consider a historic cut, such as a cushion.
  • For those who are all about romance, a classic solitaire cut is an obvious choice. But you’ll likely find other cuts, like pear, emerald, or heart, appealing as well.
  • Outdoor enthusiasts who don’t want to have to constantly think about taking proper care of their ring should lean toward platinum or 14K gold for greater durability. Channel-set diamond bands offer beauty and luxury without being too delicate.

In addition to providing the best in craftsmanship and style, Cartier understands that your ring should be all about you. They prioritize helping each woman enjoy the selection process and find the ideal ring that perfectly suits her lifestyle and displays her individuality.

Cartier Engagement Rings as an Investment

Image courtesy of Cartier

Along with the extravagant look and feel, and grand sentimental value, Cartier jewelry brings to all those who have the pleasure of wearing it, the high financial worth of each piece of jewelry also makes it a smart investment.

High-end jewelry such as Cartier can be used as a collateral loan to help start a business, make an investment in an existing business, or even cover unexpected personal expenses.

As one of the top private lenders for personal loans, Zillidy accepts a variety of upscale collateral and appreciating assets, providing easy financial services for many individuals and small business owners.

Cartier jewelry isn’t only a luxury to wear, but a valuable asset that can enable you to get a personal secured loan, if ever needed.

If you have any questions about business loans or would like to sell jewelry, contact us today. We’d love to help!

Money Sitting Right Under Your Nose: Jewelry, Valuable Coins, Expensive Watches

Money Sitting Right Under Your Nose: Jewelry, Valuable Coins, Expensive Watches

johnha / Flickr / CC BY-NC-ND

You hit a roadblock: dollars are flying out of your account faster than they’re coming in and either you’re not sure where your next cent is coming from or you don’t know exactly when it will arrive.

Could there be cash available right under your nose, sitting heavy as a gold bar?

Let’s talk about loans on jewelry and quick cash loans.

Bank Loans Don’t Work for You?

If you have a bad credit score, easy financial services are unavailable. The chances are the bank will refuse a loan and, if they won’t lend to you, nobody else will. This means borrowing money from friends or family instead, but if they don’t have enough to give you or it’s simply not enough to tide you over, it’s time to consider other ways to keep your home or your business afloat.

For anyone with a bad credit score, jewelry exchange is an easy alternative to the traditional bank loan and no credit check business loans are available for companies.

Give some thought to your cluttered spaces or the rooms and sheds you don’t often visit.

Turn Old & Unused Items into Liquid Cash

Turn Old & Unused Items into Liquid Cash

ramnath bhat / Flickr / CC BY

It’s possible that you’ll find something valuable in your own home or office, hidden away in a back room, a spare closet, or in the garage. You’ll be surprised how many people have goods stashed away that were handed down from an elderly relative and put out of sight, or an unused personal or corporate gift that never made it out of the box.

Small, but potentially substantial gold mines that sit within your very reach could be the answer to your urgent cash problem, even for small business owners.

How much is a Rolex worth? Do you have wedding ring sets that are no longer worn? It’s possible you already own something that you don’t realize is valuable, or you’ve had something for so long, you’ve forgotten it’s there. Get these items appraised and make sure you get the best price available.

People Who Accidentally Found Fortune

If you’re certain there are no valuable heirlooms in your family and believe cash for gold in Toronto is for other people, not for you, it might surprise you to know that others felt just the same, but still found fortune.

Take the case of the farmer who probably thought he’d never sell jewelry for a high sum, until he found a necklace in a bog that turned out to be 4,000 years old. If you’ve never had reason to think about gold value per gram, read the story about this couple who found rare gold coins in their backyard that are worth millions.

Paintings and memorabilia have also resulted in unexpected windfalls for people who didn’t realize their value or found them quite by chance.

You Don’t Want to Sell? No Problem

Rare coins

Cold hard cash is not always easy to make out of sentimental items. Perhaps you have a hand-made engagement ring that was given back or some rare Canadian coins that are worth thousands, but a grandparent entrusted them to you. If selling them would feel like a betrayal, you can borrow against these appreciating assets instead.

Collateral loans are taken out against items of value. In simple terms, the lender gives you the cash you need right now and you agree repayment terms. Your valuable is kept safe throughout the lending period, and is returned to your in pristine condition immediately once the money is repaid.

This type of loan is ideal for someone in a temporary fix, confident that revenue or earnings, an inheritance or other income will arrive imminently.

If you want to know more about credit options, read this: 5 Ways to Get a Bad Credit Loan in Canada.

Don’t Want to Part with Your Ring? Try a Jewelry-Backed Collateral Loan

Jewelry-backed collateral loans — you can use your golden rings as collateral.

epSos .de / Flickr / CC BY

Parting ways with your jewelry for money might be one of the most heartbreaking things in the world.

If you need capital quickly, and your only valuable assets are jewelry, it can be tough to figure out whether to sell or get a secured loan instead. Both options offer distinct benefits and and have different limitations, so choosing what’s best for your situation will take some consideration.

With this post, we’ll help you explore these two options and make the right decision for your unique needs.

Is Selling Your Jewelry Right for You?

The ChainMaille Lady / Flickr / CC BY

Even though most people would choose to keep their jewelry and go for an asset-based loan, there are still a variety of reasons a handful choose to sell their valuable possessions.

First of all, when you part ways with your assets, you are typically offered a larger amount of money compared to most loans on jewelry.

Another justifiable reason to sell your jewelry is if you rarely or never wear it, and you’d like to clear some space in your valuables box. For example, if an expensive Christmas gift you never liked isn’t accomplishing much in your wardrobe, there’s no reason not to sell the jewelry or exchange it and make another person quite happy to have it.

The only con of selling your valuables? It’s a decision with consequences — you can rarely acquire your items back after selling them. If you believe there’s even a slight chance you’ll feel regret, then you can explore the various personal or business loans in Canada.

Jewelry-Backed Loans: How They Work

george.bremer / Flickr / CC BY-NC-ND

Also known as collateral loans, jewelry-backed loans are given out against valuable possessions and work just like most other asset-based lending systems.

With most lenders, you complete an online application where you have to specify the type of assets you are planning to use to secure your loan. After a professional assessment of your collateral, you receive an offer within minutes since you don’t have to go through a credit check. When the amount is repaid in full, your valuables are returned to you in pristine condition.

The biggest benefit of this type of lending is that you’re practically looking at an almost guaranteed bad credit loan. Most lenders don’t care about your credit score or financial history since your loan is secured against your jewelry, and that means your approval is basically guaranteed.

Nevertheless, these “no credit check personal loans” in Canada have their downside — if you don’t repay your loan, you face the risk of losing your jewelry.

Furthermore, you need to be careful and choose your lender wisely. If you aren’t vigilant about researching your lender and their terms, there is a possibility you might become a victim of fraudulent operations or hidden fees. Research and paying close attention to the terms and conditions are your two best friends when signing any loan contracts.

Appraisal & Loan Terms

Viaje a Canada / Flickr / CC BY-NC-ND

Asset-based lending doesn’t only take away the pressure to sell your jewelry, but it also provides you with an accurate price assessment. So, what are the specifics you need to know before sending your jewelry to the lender?

  1. Select the right type of jewelry you own in order to get as much cash as possible or enough to cover your needs. Like you can assume, you will receive more cash for gold compared to silver-made jewelry.
  2. If you have a diamond ring or necklace be sure to consider loaning against them. Why? Diamonds can skyrocket the value of your item and the loan offer. Other characteristics that will also make a difference are the item’s maker and its antique value.
  3. At Zillidy, after the initial jewelry online assessment, we use FedEx to safely receive your items. We are also happy to meet you in person at our downtown Toronto office! There are other lenders who also offer home appraisals for items of extremely high value.
  4. You need to make sure your items are stored and handled correctly. At Zillidy for example, we have a team of highly skilled professionals who manage every item with extreme care and protection. Thus, you are guaranteed to receive your collateral back in perfect condition.

Pawn Shops vs Collateral Lending: Which Works Better?

waving at you / Flickr / CC BY-NC-ND

Even though pawn shops and collateral lending seem pretty similar, and in many aspects are, how do you decide which one to use?

The biggest difference is the collateral you can use. Pawn shops accept a wider range of loan-securing items — this may include watches, phones, TVs, etc. Collateral lending, on the other hand, focuses on more upscale high-end items which naturally correlate to higher loan amounts. The typical pawn shop loan is around $100, while collateral loans could go greater than even $10,000.

Another difference is that most pawn jewelry loans only give you allowance for 30 days, which isn’t long, but is perfect for emergency payments. Asset-based lending provides more flexible terms and can be used for much longer loan times. As you’d assume, the shorter the loan is, the higher the interest rates are and this fact is in favor of collateral loans, which tend to cost between 2.5% and 4.0% month with no additional fees for insurance or storage.

We suggest that before you make a final decision about what to do with your jewelry, you weigh all the pros and cons of the different topics we touched on — whether you should sell your jewelry or take out a loan, how to pick the right lender, and how to navigate the lending process. We hope you find a solution you’re totally satisfied with!

Find out exactly how Zillidy’s personal loans in Toronto work to see if they’re the right fit for your needs.

Top Toronto Personal Loans and Lenders

Personal loans in Toronto

GotCredit / Flickr / CC BY

You’ve never heard anybody say that they have enough money for everything in their life, right? Chances are, you’ve never thought this yourself, either.

The good news is there’s an increasing number of private loans providers in Canada. These sources lend out capital for everyday expenses or big spending ventures such as buying a car or a new home.

Among the many benefits of Toronto personal loans are the easy financial services that most lenders provide. They cover every need you might have — from banks to personal lenders in Canada and from payday loans to collateral loans.

Learn more about the top personal loan options in Toronto right here to find your best fit:

Loan Lenders: Who Should You Choose?

Royal Bank of Canada’s Personal Loans


Royal Bank of Canada is possibly the biggest bank in Canada offering some of the top loans across the industry. Similarly to other private bank loans, Royal Bank of Canada’s Personal Loans offer flexible terms, the option to select between fixed or variable terms, and no early payment penalties, among other benefits and conditions.


Zillidy's Personal Loan Range

Zillidy is one of the most trusted and reputable alternative lenders offering private loans in Toronto. At Zillidy, we accept a variety of personal valuables as collateral — these include high-end watches, jewellery, precious metals and more. Importantly, you don’t need to compete a lengthy application or provide us with your financial history! Our client testimonials can support our aim to achieve the best customer service and provide useful loans quickly and effortlessly. This is among the top reasons why Zillidy’s personal collateral loan is one of the most popular online personal loan in Canada.

Money Mart

Money Mart Toronto Payday Loans

Similarly to Zillidy’s asset-based loans, Money Mart’s payday loans are an easy solution for those in need of quick cash. Another great option for personal loans in Toronto, Money Mart will provide up to $1,500 and you can complete your application online or visit a branch near you. Having earned an A- rating from The Better Business Bureau, Money Mart is a trustworthy choice for no credit check loans.

Understanding Personal Loan Types in Toronto

Toronto Private Loans Coins

coffeego / Flickr / CC BY-SA

Bank Loans

Typically the preferred method for taking out a loan of any type, banks are among the most trusted money lenders in Toronto. Even though the terms of the loans vary from one institution to the other, bank loans are usually harder to secure compared to other types of personal loans.

Once secured, bank loans have favorable terms and conditions, some even allow missed payments. However, the overall application process is tedious and long and if you don’t have a really good income and credit score, bank loan applications become a waste of precious time and money.

Payday Loans

Payday loans are very popular short term loans in Toronto. Usually extended until your next payday (i.e. you have a month’s time to repay), the capital you receive is typically between $100 – $1000. These loans can be a great solution for emergency payments.

On the other hand, payday loans usually carry high interest rates. Also, since these loans are offered by private lenders and require no credit check, you need to make sure you find a trustworthy loaning company and read the terms and conditions carefully!

Loans Against Collateral

These are another brilliant capital solution for those of you who are searching for fast and easy guaranteed loans in Canada! Secured loans against personal possessions are on the rise in popularity as people show increasing trust in established lending institutions. The overall simplicity of the application process and quality of the customer-centric approach of most asset lenders, beat other lenders by far.

Not only are collateral loans perfect personal loans for people with bad credit, they are also a great solution for covering both emergency costs and larger long-term purchases. The only “downside” here is that the money you receive is based on the value of your personal possession(s) (which may include precious metals, jewellery, cars, etc.). Thus, if you have no valuable collateral, this loan might not work for you. However, if you do, you’re bound to get a great loan with great terms.

Consolidation Loans

Debt consolidators are a wonderful way to secure additional loans you may need and decrease the overall monthly payments of the loans you have already taken out. Consolidation loans are used mostly by individuals with a bad credit score or in need of additional cash.

The benefit of consolidation loans is that you can save money with lower payments, and that’s in addition to decreasing your overall interest rates on the loans you’ve already taken out. Nevertheless, those loans are usually used as a last resort (due to the high fees) by individuals who have bad credit and will not be approved for another type of loan.

Avoid High Loan Rates and Hidden Fees

Avoid High Loan Rates and Hidden Fees

kenteegardin / Flickr / CC BY-SA

There are a few steps you can take in order to make sure you don’t have to pay any additional fees. First of all, only take loans from trusted institutions, no matter if they are banks or alternative lenders. Research the loaning body online and ask for your friends’ recommendations.

Secondly, read all the terms and conditions and never sign anything you are not sure about. Consult professional advisers if you need to.

Last but not least, make sure you outline all your loan possibilities and compare them. You don’t have to take a loan if there’s a better option for you out there — do your research and read carefully.

Discover more Toronto personal loans to find the best solution for yourself!

Why Asset-Based Lending Is Perfect for Your Family Business!

Group Photo of a Family

Lady May Pamintuan / Flickr / CC BY-ND

Is your family business in need of working capital? Many small business owners struggle to secure the right type of financing in order fuel their business ventures. Whether you’re running low on stock, you’re financing a seasonal spike or you’ve hit a rough patch, you’re not alone if you’re searching for the top business loans in Canada!

Family businesses, among other small corporations in Canada, have struggled to secure more traditional business loans such as bank financing or even government programs. However, you shouldn’t despair, because there are plenty of options even for those with bad credit scores. Asset-based lending is the best solution for those in possession of appreciating assets who might be in need of fast secured loans online!

What Is Asset-Based Lending?

Asset-based loans (A-BS), also known as collateral lending, are an easy-to-attain type of financing you can receive against “assets” which may include the following: vehicles, high-end art and watches, precious metals, jewelry and other valuables your family might be in possession of. The types of acceptable collateral which secure your business loan are determined by the loan provider.

Most companies which offer such financing are private and usually require no credit check or financial history statements. As a result of this, asset-based financing is widely known to provide guaranteed “bad credit” loans for small businesses.

Even though not all private business loans secured against collateral look at your family business’s cash-flow or financial history, there are still some which consider these. Even though at the end of the day your assets impact their decision most, it’s smart to make sure you get to know the loaning body before committing.

Differences Between Asset-Based Lending and Traditional Financing

Golden Rings

Get a loan against your family jewelry
Aleksey Gnilenkov / Flickr / CC BY

The major difference between asset-based loans and traditional financing is that your projected cash-flow or your current credit score usually aren’t taken into account. However, even in the rare cases in which they are, they’re not the sole drivers behind an approval for A-BS.

The bottom line is that processing financial data such as projected cash-flow is time consuming and requires statement preparation, slowing down your loan. This makes traditional financing, which always takes a look at these financials, unsuitable for those in need of working capital quickly.

Furthermore, traditional financing usually has a set money limit you can borrow, while with asset-based lending, the more collateral you provide, the more capital you will be able to secure. What’s more, you will be able to use 70-90% of the estimated collateral value to fuel your family business financial needs.

Asset-Based Loan Benefits

Stack of Credit Cards

Asset-based lending is not affected by your credit score.
Sean MacEntee / Flickr / CC BY

Asset-based lending could be the perfect solution for your family business mainly because it solves the issue (lack of fast working capital) in an easy, quick and flexible way.

  1. Easy — Some no credit check loan lenders offer an application service done fully online. Designed to save time and make the overall process easy, you’re guided through your application, collateral handling and loan acquisition, simplified by the company’s customer-centric approach.
  2. Quick — Not only is the process quick, but you usually receive your working capital in a matter of days following your application submission. This makes asset-based lending a top choice for small businesses such as family-owned companies.
  3. Flexible — Since the lender makes their loan decision based on the quality of the collateral, they are highly likely to be flexible and guide you through repaying the loan so you can get your collateral back. This  might include amending repayment periods and providing reasonable missed payments options, with the goal of tailoring payment to your specific financial situation.

Acceptable Collateral Types

The types of collateral you can use vary with each loan provider. Your first step should be to find lending companies which can accept your personal possessions and learn more about their conditions and possessions handling.

For example, Zillidy is one of the top providers of personal loans in Toronto and across Canada. The list of upscale collateral we accept is especially tailored to fit the needs of individuals and small sized businesses (such as family entrepreneurships). The personal possessions we accept range from high-end watches to jewelry, as many families inherit such items. We also accept precious metals — including silver, gold, and platinum.

One of the important questions you should ask before choosing the loaning body is this: “Will my items be safe and handled well?” You need to make sure your valuables are kept safe and handled correctly so you receive them in the same pre-loan condition, especially since many items are not only very valuable but also hold sentimental value.

That’s why at Zillidy we have a group of professional and highly qualified staff members who guarantee that each item is stored and handled to the top industry standards.

Have any questions about asset-based lending? Ask them below in the comments section, and our experts will answer you shortly.

Secured vs Unsecured Loans: Which One’s Better for You?

Secured vs Unsecured Loans

woodleywonderworks / Flickr / CC BY

Figuring out the right way to finance a purchase can be tricky! With so many loans on offer, you might be at a cross road trying to choose which path is right for you. On one side, you have the unsecured loan options also known as personal loans, and on the other, you have a big array of secured loans available.

So, how do you choose between these two financial roads ahead of you? It’s simple — just take careful look at your distinct financial needs; they’ll help you make the right decisions. You need to be clear about what you need the money for, what your financial situation currently is, and what you’re ready to put on the table before you repay your loan.

Without further ado, here are the secured vs unsecured loans basics you need to know to make the right financial commitment.

1. What Is a Secured Loan?

Secured Loans

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Secured loans are the perfect option for those of you willing to use your personal possessions to secure your funding. Also known as collateral, these valuable possessions are what loaning bodies use to make sure you will repay the borrowed money. The loans are “secured” by a house, car, or precious metals (thus we have loan money for gold or silver) and are technically of no risk to the loaner.

Probably the most popular type of secured loan is the mortgage. Other popular loan types include business loans (including small business loans), car loans (both new and used) , equity, and lines of credit. Collateral loans are usually the only option to obtain a large sum of money (above $25,000), which makes them suitable for big financial investments such as a new home purchase or fueling a big business venture.

Even though loans can be offered to individuals with a low credit score — there are even loans with no credit check — banks and other loaning bodies will usually make their decision based on the following 3 questions:

  1. Are your appreciating assets enough to secure the loan?
  2. Is your income high enough to guarantee you will be able to cover the monthly installments?
  3. Is your financial history and credit good?

Pros and Cons of Secured Loans:

  • Pro: Low interest rates, longer repayment periods and high borrowing limits (based on your personal circumstances).
  • Pro: Easier to secure, due to the collateral “secure” factor.
  • Con: The overall approval process could take longer compared to others loan types because of the collateral assessment period
  • Con: You bear the risk of losing your collateral if you fail to default your loan. Even though there are cases in which you might miss out on a few payments without any consequences, you need to stick to the terms laid out in the contract and repay your loan in full.

2. What Is an Unsecured Loan?

Unsecured Loans

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Unsecured loans, also recognized as signature loans and personal loans, are a brilliant choice for all those who might not own any valuable assets, but do possess a good credit score. These loans are offered to individuals or small business owners in need of quick or everyday financing. With unsecured loans, banks or loaning bodies don’t gain any assets or ownership for the capital they are owing.

The most common types of unsecured loans include student loans, credit cards and lines of credit. Due to the fact that unsecured loans are only bound by a contract which involves no collateral, they’re usually for lesser monetary value and include a more strict repayment plan. Furthermore, the unsecured loan is usually assessed based on your credit score or financial income.

Pros and Cons of Secured Loans:

  • Pro: Unsecured loans are easy to get and are great for covering emergency costs.
  • Con: Most unsecured loans have high interest rate (sometimes up to 12%) or high annual fees.
  • Con: The interest rate is based on your income, credit score and repayment period. Even though you can receive a business or personal loan for bad credit, your interest rate is expected to be high. Nonetheless, if you have a good score the rate will be more reasonable. Overall, longer repayment periods (3–5 years) tend to have lower interest rates.
  • Pro: You usually have the flexibility to choose the repayment period. Most people choose a period between 1–5 years, so that the monthly installments don’t affect their income in any large way.

3. Top Secured and Unsecured Loan Picks

Zillidy is one of the top Toronto companies which offer a wide range of secured loans. These include Canadian business loans for corporations of any size and personal secured loans. The collateral we accept at Zillidy includes personal possessions such as precious metals, jewelry, and high-end watches. Zillidy requires no credit check or financial history, thus the no-credit check business loans are perfect for any individual who doesn’t want their previous financial choices to impact their loan T&Cs.

HSBC is a Canadian bank which offer unsecured loans for any of your smaller needs. These personal loans have a typical repayment period of up to 5 years with weekly, bi-weekly or monthly repayment options. Even though you can choose between a fixed or variable interest rate, HSBC gives you the option to get preferential rates if you are an HSBC Premier or HSBC Advance customer.

Are you interested in secured or unsecured loans? Let us which you prefer and why in the comment section below.

How Much Does Your High-End Watch Cost?

Sinn 7008 watch

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How do you know if the watch you own is worth something?

If you’ve inherited a watch or just bought something at an antique shop, for all you know, you might have hit the jackpot. And if so, you’ll know you can rely on your possession to help you or business should you ever be need of cash. Simple asset-based loans make it easy to get capital based on the value of your watch while you retain ownership.

But is your timepiece up for the challenge?

Watches come in all different shapes and sizes, just like other valuable possessions such as jewelry and cars. There are expensive watches, simple watches that just show you the time, and of course, vintage timepieces which can be the highlight of a brilliant outfit.

Some branded high-end watches with amazing features are even worth more than a fancy car.

So, how do you know which category your watch falls in?  A valuable timepiece can open many doors for you — from style to finances — and figuring out the worth of your watch is as easy as considering these four elements:

1. High Quality Materials

Sapphire (Corundum) Crystals

Gold and platinum may be the most desired materials for the body of watches, but there’s only one king for the glass- sapphire.
Orbital Joe / Flickr / CC BY-NC-ND

First and foremost, let’s expand on the most obvious characteristic a watch can possess — the materials used to create it. As we all know, a rubber strap or superficial gold polish are probably not adding much value to your watch. The bottom line is this: the more precious metals are integrated into your watch, the more expensive it naturally is.

Silver, even though not the most expensive of metals, can boost to the watch’s value to above-average. Gold is the metal which most considerably increases the price of the watch. If a gold watch includes platinum parts, which is not that unusual, its worth is even higher.

Platinum watches, made from the world’s heaviest and most rare precious metal, blow every other watch out of the water. If you’ve got a predominantly platinum watch, chances are you’ve got something very valuable on your hands.

2. Complex Features

Watch companies create a huge variety of features to fit people’s lifestyles. In general, the more features your watch has, the more it’s worth.

Beyond simply telling time, many high-end watches display different times zones, offer incredible time accuracy, feature lunar cycles and time of sunrise and sunset, measure the temperature, act as chronographs, and are fitted with one or more sophisticated Tourbillons among other complications.

The most complicated watch in the world is Patek Phillipe’s Supercomplication, even though it was created between 1925 and 1933. It’s worth more than $24,000,000!

3. Designer Brand

Patek Phillipe Henry Graves Supercomplication Pocket Watch

Patek Phillipe Henry Graves Supercomplication Pocket Watch
lhhs / Flickr / CC BY-NC

Have you heard of Patek Phillipe, Louis Moinet and Rolex? If you haven’t, you must live on Mars, because these brands produce incredible watches worth millions of dollars and known all over the world. Other popular brands including Louis Vuitton, Prada, and Michael Kors whose modern and stylish timepieces complement every owner’s status and sense of fashion.

In all of these cases, the brand name is what makes the watch expensive. It’s not only a quality guarantee, but carries with it the weight of a long and proven history. It’s important to note that pricey watches like this usually carry an authentication certificate, so if your watch looks like a brand name timepiece make sure you acquire the certificate alongside your buy.

The new Apple Edition Watch is showing us that even new smartwatch technology is trying to insert itself into the older discourse. The Edition Watch, costing $10,000, features an 18-Karat gold case as a nod to traditional watch models.

Three Ways to Assess the Value of Your Watch

Would you like to know exactly how much your watch is worth and how to turn this into an investment? There are three easy ways to do this.

Personal Asset Loan

At Zillidy, we offer loans against personal possessions including high-end watches. Our team of professionals will assess your watch to determine its true value. We’ll share this information with you as well as prove an offer for a loan of the same amount, which you can use to fuel any venture.

The best thing about it? Your watch is still owned by you — the timepiece is only used as collateral for the loan. Should you decide to take the loan, we’ll safe-keep your watch until the loan is re-payed and then return it in pristine condition.

eBay Auction

If you already know the brand and the possible precious metal your piece have been made from, platforms such as eBay are a great place to find out the approximate value of your watch. Furthermore, platform features such as collectibles and antiques will give you an understanding as to what price such watches have been auctioned for in the past.

Resell to Reputable Jewelers

Finding reputable jewelers and / or watch appraisers is another method to assess the value of your possibly high-end watch. However, such evaluations are sometimes costly and you are likely to lose money instead of the opposite. Make sure you request an appraisal certificate in order to guarantee future uses of the watch.

Would you like to assess your watch’s value? Simply get in touch with us and we’ll get started right away.

5 High-End Watches More Expensive than a Rolls Royce

5 High-End Watches More Expensive than a Rolls Royce

What goes perfectly with a luxurious car? A sleek outfit accentuated with an eye-catching watch… obviously. If you’re driving a gem, you might as well look the part. And by eye-catching we mean a watch worth more than the car itself (at least if the vehicle in question is a Rolls Royce).

Even though not many people can afford such impressive statement pieces of jewelry, high-end watches are a great treat for wearer and spectator alike! The complexity of the mechanisms and their designs are worth the admiration they receive from people from all over the world.

What price range are we talking about? A typical Rolls Royce is priced well over $200,000. The brand’s “entry-level” model is worth around $250,000, which according to many is totally worth the luxury and quality. In other words, if a watch carries a price tag of over $200,000 you can expect nothing but the best — it should provide value equal to or even beyond its vehicle counterpart.

Read on to find out more about the top 5 luxury watches worth more than a Rolls Royce:

1. Vacheron Constantin, Kalista — Worth $11 Million

There’s no point in holding back, so here we go — the Vacheron Constantin Kalista is not only one of the most beautiful watches ever made, but also one of the most expensive. Worth the impressive $11 million, this watch is sure to make people stop and stare. Are you ready to do some calculations? The watch is worth 44 entry-level Rolls Royces, which can only leave us saying “wow.”

Vacheron Constantin is the oldest manufacturer of luxury watches, and so the fine and breathtaking Kalista fits perfectly into the brand’s long list of beautiful timepieces. The watch is encrusted with 118 emerald-cut diamonds and took 6,000 hours to make. Created in 1979, this piece remains one of the finest examples of the greatness of Vacheron Constantin!

2. Breuget No. 160, The Queen — Worth Over $30 Million

The Queen watch costs over $30 million


One of the most mysterious watches to ever exist is also one of the most valuable and expensive. Partly constructed by the famous watchmaker Abraham-Louis Breguet, The Queen was in fact, made for a real queen — Marie Antoinette. Unfortunately for both, the timepiece consisting of 823 pieces was finished after both the maker and its intended owner faced their demise.

Nonetheless, the famous piece of art — produced with 18-karat gold and sapphires — has made history on its own. The watch was stolen by an international jewel thief but then resurfaced 25 years later not far from where it had been last seen. Currently resting at LA Mayer Museum of Islamic Art, the pocket watch’s story and price is worthy of a no-funding-spared full-length feature movie.

3. Patek Phillipe, Caliber 89 — Worth Over $5 Million

Billed as the world’s most complicated timepiece, this watch is as close to perfection as you can get. The Patek Caliber 89 is truly a modern miracle. It has more than 30 complications, which makes the timepiece the most complex mechanical watch ever to exist. Worth more than 25 Rolls Royces, it’s truly a sign of status to wear one of the 4 existing watches of this kind.

Plus, thanks to its 33 complications, this watch does mch more than simply tell the time. The features list goes on for miles (well, not really, but the scrolling from the list to the photo and back does, since we can’t get enough of seeing this amazing watch): the Patek Caliber 89 has century, decade, year, and month displays; split second hand; time of sunrise and sunset; thermometer and many more features that will keep you entertained and hopefully on time.

4. Patek Philippe, Ref 5016P — Worth $762,000

Introducing another great timepiece from the Patek family, the Philippe Ref 5016P is the first watch on the list to go under a 7-digit price number, but it’s an amazing piece nonetheless. Let’s begin by noting that, in fact, the P in the Ref number actually stands for… platinum! After all, what else can we expect from a timepiece worth more than a quarter of a million?

Consisting of 506 pieces, this wristwatch is made from the most expensive precious metals — platinum and gold. The timepiece’s features include a tourbillon, a minute repeater, a perpetual calendar with a retrograde date hand, and a moon phase display.

5. Audemars Piguet, Royal Oak Grande Complication — Worth $560,000

AP Royal Oak Grande Complication

Audemars Piguet

Audemars Piguet has been praised for the unique, state-of-the-art Royal Oak Grande Complication piece. Worth over half a million dollars, the watch features a titanium case, glare proofed sapphire crystal and caseback, ceramic bezel and much more to make this a standout among high-end watches.

The wristwatch’s perpetual calendar will be accurate for so many years that you and probably a few of your successors won’t be among the living to witness its first deviation. The Royal Oak Grande Complication also has white gold applied hour-markers and a light silver-toned inner bezel ring — details you won’t be able to resist.

Investing in a High-End Watch, Investing in Your Future

High-end watches among others and a range of personal valuables, including precious metals and jewelry are among the personal possessions you can use to take out loans. We all know the investment quality such image-boosting items possess and why not use them to fuel a business idea or personal venture if/when you need them.

Zillidy offers loans against valuables such as high-end watches. The online application process is quick and effortless. After an expert assessment of your watch, the loan capital will be transferred into your account. Since safety and professional handling are among the top priorities for ZIllidy, you can rest assured your items will be kept in the best possible environment until you get them back!

Have you ever purchased a high-end watch? What’s your recommendation for a valuable and enjoyable investment?